The quality of the posters in a Metrolight Public Scroller is brilliant.

Because of the back-lit the images become more realistic compared to conventional billboards with glued paper.

And moving creates attention.

All posters are fixed on a roll. A special technology allows changing single images. The presentation of the posters during operation is trouble-free and smooth.
Innovative Product
Billboard with scrolling images
Replaces existing paper billboards at premium locations
Multi advertising messages at one place
High quality at low cost due to modular manufacturing
Energy saving LED backlight as option
The DISTEC concept
On request you'll receive the DISTEC-"All In" package including service and maintenance and even print. That means complete relief for your operation.From print to installation of posters till scheduled maintenance, DISTEC offers service according to your needs.
Multiple Advantages
Eye-catching attention by scrolling images
First-class advertising by homogeneous backlight
Service and Maintenance in one hand